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About Droughill Builders  Builders Laois

Droughill Builders Ltd is a family run business based in Droughill, Portarlington, Co. Laois with over 20 years practical experience

Droughill Builders has the experience in construction projects ranging from luxury homes, schools, office building, building repairs and major refurbishments.
We are a fast growing business with the capacity to run multiple projects throughout Ireland. We can provide complete project management and a full turnkey service. We have the ability to offer all trades plus specialist services where required.

We build quality houses in well-located areas of Laois, Dublin, Kildare and the surrounding areas. We use local labour, sub-contractors and locally sourced materials wherever possible.
Our aim is to cater for all budgets in the range of houses that we build and sell. Our goal is to design and build you a Energy Efficient home.




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